Tonight’s mystery artist is lead guitarist with a unique style that relies on staying simple and uncluttered.  The band’s webpage say when he plays it speaks more of soul and feel   than flamboyance and speed.  Any guess of the band or guitarist??

Funny how the last three mystery artists have led us back to Florida, I must have warm weather on the brain.  Tonight’s  band rounds out the groups hailing from Jacksonville,  38. Special.

Still up and running and out on tour as we speak, just without Van Zants, 38 Special as a band recognize how the simplicity and expert technique of their lead guitar Danny Chauncey has built a unique sound for them that continues to works so well. Their webpage reads about Danny:

It has been said that the mark of a great guitarist is their ability to create their own signature sound. Since 1987, Danny Chauncey's unique style has contributed to the continuing success of 38 Special. A guitar virtuoso, Danny exhibits his technical prowess with precision and class. Preferring substance over show, Danny plays with deliberate cool. His simple, uncluttered technique speaks more of soul and feel than flamboyance and speed. In addition to his role as guitarist, Danny is a remarkable songwriter and producer. He has earned the respect of both audiences and critics alike. Danny always has time for the fans, visiting and signing autographs after the show. His innate ability to relate to the younger crowd will, no doubt, serve as an inspiration to many future guitarists. It is this unassuming attitude, combined with his extraordinary talent, that has made Danny an integral part of 38 Special.


If you’d like to see them 38. Special will be at Blue Ocean Music Hall 4 Ocean Front North in Salisbury, MA on March 17th.

Here is tonight’s features song:

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