Tonight’s mystery artist say says when he performs live he puts on his magic headband that allows him to hit the high notes.  Can you guess who he is or what band he sings lead for??

I found this interesting lucky charm story in the Washington Post when they interviewed Loverboy’s Mike Reno in July of 2016. The fact of his magic headband came from here:

WP: Do you have a preshow ritual?

MR: I stay a little quiet. Then I start warming up my voice. I like to get the sweat on before I hit the stage. Then I put on the magic headband that allows me to hit all those high notes.

Other tidbits that came out in their chat were:

  • That Mike Reno still loves performing
  • That Loverboy plays their songs as recorded to give the fans what they want because they feel the songs belong to the fans
  • Almost all original members the band plans to stay together as long as they can.
  • That the way the music industry is now is frustrating and they are happy they became popular when they did.

Here they are with tonight's featured song:

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