Tonight’s mystery artist despite having a party boy vibe in much of his music he actually rarely drinks and never does drugs.  Any guess who this might be or who he plays with??

I think this is an interesting bit of information told to Rolling Stone Magazine by none other than one bourbon, one scotch, one beer man himself George Thorogood The interview tell the story this way:

Like an athlete in training, Thorogood tries not to abuse his body. His disdain for drugs has caused wonderment among the music-business types he has encountered on the road. Once, in a small club in Nashville, some guy came back to the dressing room and snorted some cocaine. Thorogood walked over and the guy asked, "You want a hit?" Thorogood replied, "No, I was just thinking that's the smallest spoon I ever saw."

"I'm not trying to come off with some Ricky Nelson image," he says, slightly irritated, when I ask him about his temperance. He doesn't even drink much, highly unusual in his profession and incongruous given the get-loose-and-get-down nature of his music. "A lot of people don't like liver and peas. It's the same with me and drugs. It's just something I don't get involved with. Some people have been trying to say I'm the upstanding young man of rock & roll on some moral crusade-that's a load of crap. I've taken out many a shortstop in my time, argued with umpires, kicked the ball out of catchers' gloves, all of it."

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