Tonight’s mystery artist says for years after touring he didn’t touch his guitar, infact when he walked by it he’d flip it the bird.  Can you guess who he might be or the band he plays with??

This funny confession came from Billboard Magazine covering an interview between ‘Sunday Today’ and Jon Bon Jovi. The conversation starts with his feelings about Richie Sambora leaving the band.  His feelings? He loves the guy and that was then this is now.  In addition he told Willie Geist how he deals with the long touring schedule and getting back into writing new songs, to which he stated:

“The feeling definitely has to be there. At the end of the tour, December of ’13, I didn’t sing in the shower. For all of 2014, I didn’t touch the guitar. In fact, I walked by it and give it the finger.”

Here's tonight's featured song:

Check out the interview:

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