Tonight’s mystery artist did an interview with David Letterman where he told about eating something a fan threw on stage and wound up needing medical attention. Can you guess who he might be??

This interview was done back in 1985 and it was Ozzy Osbourne who says that the live bat that he bit the head off at one of his concerts was throw on stage by one of his fan. He thought is wasn’t real so he grabbed it up and bit the head off only to discover that is was alive...up to that point at least. Anyway he told Letterman that the following rabies shot were no fun and quite painful.  He also said that he doesn’t see what the big deal is about his hobby of biting the heads off things, Colonel Sanders kills chickens all the time.

Tonight's featured song. No surprise it contains a little foul language so be warned.


Here is the kind of strange interview.

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