Tonight’s mystery artist’s says that everyone experiences life and deaths and losing friends and parents  differences is this person gets to write about it to get it out.  Think you know who our experienced person might be??

I found this insight on life and death and how you deal with it in a Spin Magazine from 2013. In it Kenny Herzog interviews Joan Jett about her life and choices. Here is an excerpt:

“Everybody experiences life and death, and losing friends and parents. I just had a chance to write about it. I just felt it was important to me to get it out as a person who’s grown beyond being a teenager. "

She finished by telling them she isn't a Runaway anymore and although she still sings about love, parties and sex now she also sings about life situations common to us all.  She says now she says attention and doesn't want to screw around anymore.

Tonight's featured song.

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