Tonight’s mystery artist says one thing he has brought to any band he has been  a part of  is the understanding of the value of simplicity.  Can you guess who he might be or any other the bands he has been a part of??

I found this introspection of music and how to make is work in a fall edition of the UK's Yorkshire Post. The magazine had scored an interview with Paul Rogers who over the years has been a part of Free, Queen and of course Bad Company. A great singer, brilliant song writer and performer this is what he told the Yorkshire Post he thinks is important when using music to express yourself:

YP: Rodgers once said that Free had been a band who really understood the value of simplicity. He feels that applies to Bad Company “and everything I do”. “The first album that I bought was Otis Blue [by Otis Redding] and I still love that album to pieces. Those guys, the way they played, there was a desire to express emotion, not a desire to express ‘I’m so clever on this instrument’. That’s what I loved about it and I still do."

And here is tonight’s featured song:

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