Tonight’s mystery artist said that in the yearly days of his band the record company had trouble finding people who wanted to work with them because they thought they were all going to die. I am guessing that was because of their drug use.  Can you guess who would be that frank??

I found this in a very impromptu interview with Axl Rose with the China Exchange in London. In this interview Axl shares many the odd insight during this event. For one he owns many animals and when asked about tenderness he experiences he talks about his pets. He also tells how in the early days they were encouraged to be destructive and wild and untrue stories were written about them that now he has to live down. He also tells how when his friend Angus’ band was in trouble he just wanted to help. Long interview but interesting.

Here’s Axl and the band with tonight’s featured song

And if you have the time, here is the interview.

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