Tonight’s mystery artist’s have gone separate ways and came out to Rolling Stone they’d never reunite without counseling. Think you know who this band is??

I found this sad story in Rolling Stone about of one of our favorite bands Heart. Seem that while they were out on their last tour, to give you the short story, Ann husband was showing Nancy’s sons their tour bus. When leaving he asked them to close the door to keep the dogs in, they didn’t so he cuffed them around and Nancy had him arrested. Family, gotta love ‘em. They finished the tour with separate dressing rooms for the first time in decades. Both women say it was excruciating and Ann's husband barred from being with them. Right now Ann is out performing as 'Ann Wilson of Heart' and Nancy has a new band 'Roadcase Royale'.  Nancy told Rolling Stone in a separate interview: that this new "side project" is "not a replacement" for the long-running classic rock band.  They are both calling this just a ‘hiatus’ and we hope it is.

Here they are with tonight's featured song.

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