Tonight’s mystery had page after page of rejection letters from just about everybody in the music industry. As he approached his 29th birthday he decided to finish his last demo and then was planning to sell all his equipment when he got the next rejection. Can you guess who our eleventh hour winner was??

Interesting interview I found in Parade Magazine with Tom Scholz. At the time Tom recalled putting all his time and most of his money into making demos that no one was buying. He’d even been cornered by his boss at Polaroid and told him his musical aspirations were nothing to worry about as his chances were about a million to one. Just before his 29th birthday Tom pushed to finish his final demo. Tom tells how the last two songs he wrote basically because he wanted to finish what he had started.  One of those last ditch efforts was ‘More Than A Feeling’ which when Epic Records heard the song with Brad Delp in the lead the deal was inked in a matter of weeks.

Aren’t you glad Tom has such a tenacious nature? Here’s Boston with tonight’s featured song.

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