Tonight’s mystery artist says his record company told him straight out that they likes his album but had no intention of promoting it which caused such discouragement he stopped recording all together. Can you guess who he might be??

This story was told to Ultimate Classic Rock by Billy Squire about what would be his last album ‘Tell The Truth’. At the time he was signed with Capitol records which during that period changed company presidents several time and all with different visions for the label.  The president during the period ‘Tell The Truth’ was ready to be released was Gary Gersh who was more intent on pushing the grunge movement than Billy Squire style of music. So after Billy completed the album Gersh called him and for some stupid reason told him he loved the work but was going to bury it. Ouch! Squire called his lawyer and walked out on the company but the die was cast and the record floundered. ‘Tell The Truth is still available on Billy’s webpage. He considers it equal to the Beatles Revolver.  Check it out below and see if you agree.

Tonight's featured song.

Billy's lost album.


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