Tonight’s mystery artist says that at one time when one of his songs played on the radio in San Francisco, CA he got paid three times. Can you think why that might be??

I found this interesting fact about a multi-talented Greg Khin who along with being a singer and songwriter also writes books and in 2011 at the time of the interview was a DJ on a Classic Rock Station in San Francisco.

Greg told how when he gets to play his own hits on the radio station it is satisfying spiritually and financially since he get paid as the DJ, the song writer and the artist. No surprise he says that’s great.

Greg left KFOX back in Sept. of 2012 he had been there for 16 years.  Poor baby now he only gets paid twice. Let's pay him again. Here is tonight's featured song which Greg says put both his kids and several grand kids through college.

Or the full version.

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