Tonight’s mystery artists were rejected by 23 record labels so the leader started one of their own. Any idea who the leader is or the band??

I found this frustrating experience on a site called Her Campus as they outlines things about Joan Jett. It was back in 1980 after Joan had left the Runaways and formed the Blackhearts.  Any amazing 23 record companies failed to see her star power which cause Joan in frustration and defiance to co-form Blackheart Records.  This move made Joan the first woman to run and own an independent record company. Imagine her joy and their surprise when she hit Billboard’s Top 20 with multiple hits like 'I Hate myself for Loving You', 'Do you Want to Touch Me' and tonight’s featured song, 'I Love Rock & Roll'. In 2015 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...yeah I guess she did alright.

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