Tonight’s mystery artist wound up joining the band he is best now known for because an icy road and subsequent accident destroyed all of his equipment which ultimately caused his first band to go their separate ways.  Any idea who he is or where fate would be sending him next??

This interesting story of providence was found in On Milwaukee from an interview with Louis Grammatico.  As you may have guessed he would later shorten that name to Lou Gramm. In 1974 Lou had a successful band of his own called ‘Black Sheep’. They were doing well enough have a gig opening for KISS and who knew where that would take them.  However, this wasn’t to be. While traveling in New York on bad winter roads the band was involved in an accident that would claim almost all of their equipment. Needless to say, without amps or guitars they lost all their scheduled gigs and eventually broke up.  Seems a little bleak but not long after that Mick Jones would give Lou a call asking for an audition and choose him as lead singer for Foreigner over 35 other singers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here is Louis and the guys with tonight's featured song.

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