Tonight’s mystery artists have a song that proves the third time is the charm and it is better to fly with a friend.  Extra points if you can guess this one.

This is the interesting journey of a song that was an instrumental called ‘Velvet Curtain’ and speaking of a journey it was written by Journey’s Gregg Rollie. The song was set aside and then resurrected for their Next album with words and the name ‘Please Let Me Stay’ only to get the ax at the last minute.  Enter Steve Perry, who would take a shine to the tune, rewrite the lyrics and rename the song ‘Feeling That Way’  finally leading to its release on their 'Infinity' album. As for flying with friends the song segways seamlessly into the  next song on the album ‘Anytime’ and most likely so some DJ could go to the bathroom back in the 70's radio stations began playing them in tandem.

Here they are with Wolfman Jack and tonight's featured song.

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