It's Groundhog Day, the one day a year where the world turns it's attention to a massive Marmot, and guesses what this woodchuck might be thinking. That's right, we're taking our cues from our interpretation of what we think is going on in the mind of a giant garden gobbler.

That ridiculous notion aside, the way it works ('cause we googled it!) is that they pull this poor "Phil" from his hole in Pennsylvania. If he "sees his shadow" because the weather is good, the thought is that we will run back in the hole, scared, and stay there...this is supposed to indicate there will be 6 more weeks of winter weather ahead. If Phil fails to see his shadow (because the weather is overcast) then the thought is Spring will come early.

Based on the behavior of what closely resembles a less-impressive beaver, here's what we think will happen today:

JStew: I always, always, always get this wrong. You'd think after all my years on this mortal coil, I'd understand how friggin' Groundhog Day works. But until we talked about it yesterday morning on the air, I honestly wasn't 100% sure. But now I'm all good. That said, we live in Maine. So no matter what happens with old Punxutawney Phil today, winter in Maine will last until it's almost summer. Remember last year, when we were still getting snow into the second week of May? Yeah.... no faith in that little rodent's prediction from this guy......

Cori: I think it would be so much more interesting if we attempted to predict the weather based on how a bear would react if we poked it and woke it, don't you?! Now that would be worth watching...but then we'd have to change the name of the day, and that would be a process that I'm just too lazy to undertake. So, my guess is we will have more snow. I can't remember a year where it's been clear before April. In fact, don't we always end up with some sort of super storm around that time, anyway. So my prediction is for a late Spring.

Here's what you had to say:

Greg Miller Whether he does or not I am still hoping for an early spring.
Brad Rice No shadow . 6 weeks till spring
Kari Jo Davis Early spring...So poor phil, Phil, do we really need to wake the poor ground hog up to tell us it's 6 more weeks until spring? I mean, look at the calendar, it's there in color.
Cheryl McManus How can he not see his shadow with all the flashes going off?
Paul Keezer It depends on if he is in bed and has a good fire going.....
Rob Irwin He's SNOWED IN.... No shadow.... It's Maine, I remember a couple of years back( 2 or 3)we still had plow banks of snow til mid or late April.
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