In honor of May the 4th, and Star Wars Day, we asked you who your favorite "Star Wars" characters were, and why you loved them!

JStew: I know everyone has their favorites. I'm no exception. But I always thought the real heroes were R2D2 and C3PO. Well, sort of. R2 was definitely the hero more often than not. I mean, how many times did R2 literally save the day? Whether it was guiding Luke through the Death Star, or simply using his weird little Inspector Gadget style attachments to get them all out of a jam, or even setting off the whole series by carrying Leia's message to Obi Wan.

CP3O get special mention here too. Not because he's ever really a "hero". In fact, quite the opposite. He's the OG robot chicken. But, every hero in every story needs a foil. It needs that special someone who panics all the time, to bring out your best at any given moment. Almost like you have to save him, just to shut him up about how impossible it is to be saved. Without those two, none of these movies ever would've been as enjoyable.

Cori: The Force has been going strong at my house for many years. We're pretty big Star Wars fans, as you can see...

Baby Yoda/Mary Cori Skall
Baby Yoda/Mary Cori Skall
Star Wars Family, Cori Skall
Star Wars Family, Cori Skall

While my son has always been a big Darth Vadar fan, I would have to say my favorite character would have to be a tie between Han Solo and Yoda. I mean, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a woman who didn't love the charm and charisma of Han Solo. He's stubborn, arrogant and unpredictable. But he also always does the right thing, in the end. And he even seems to learn some lessons along the way.

I love Yoda because he's the perfect example of why not to judge a book by it's cover. He looks feeble and old and kind of bumbles around when we first meet him. But then "Holy Jedi-Ninja Skills, Batman" does he prove himself to be a tiny, green badass! And he's wise, to boot. Also, if you haven't already seen this, it may make you love Yoda even more. Just sayin.

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Here's what you had to say about your favorite 'Star Wars' characters and why you thought they were the best!

Ashley Han Solo
Mason (who's 9) Chewbacca!
Doug Springer It’s REALLY hard to pick my ONE favorite character. If I was tied down and had to choose, it has to be Solo. Han shot first.
Greg Miller Yoda ... I can now fully understand why he retired to a secluded swamp and then when some kid comes along with a ton of questions he turns away and dies.
Dave Tayes Han. Because obviously. He’s INTENTIONALLY put out front as the one to REALLY aspire to.
Kris Currier But of course Chewbacca
Estin Harriman Always darth vader
Jody Dolley Yoda
Dan Brown R2 is mine.
Dylan Cormier Mace Windu
Renee Boulier Reed Princess Leia
Craig Florey Han Solo
Mark Greenleaf Chewbacca cuz he’s awesome! Totally brave, totally loyal, total badass!
Zachary B Romanoff Wicket! So cute
Kristina Ricker You fall in love with the Princess, Aspire to be Han, want to spend a day with Chewbacca, laugh at 3PO, think R2 is cool, Watch Luke grow up, Question if Darth Vader is really a bad ass, feel for Obi Wan, and wish you could feel the force like Yoda.
Nathaniel Bernier Cornelius Evazan
Todd Orcutt E.T.
Richard Browning Dark Helmet.
Snowman Mine is Chewy
Bruce Worcester General Akbar, of course
David James Spock
Brant Dadaleares I’ve never seen a Star Wars
Angelina Murphy  Chewbacca
Steve I remember waiting in line to see the Original movies. But my favorite character is from a newer Star Wars, Maz Kanata.
Kari Jo Davis I have to agree with J stew, C3po and R2D2 my two favs. Followed closely by Chewie.
Chris Sockalexis Han Solo and Chewbacca
Sheena Turner Wicket
And for what would appear to be the most die-hard Star Wars fan, even if you may not necessarily agree with his pick...
Chris Dingwell JAR JAR!!!!
Mich Ouellette
Mich Ouellette
 May the Forth/Force be with you! We hope you enjoy Star Wars day!

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