Tonight’s mystery artists recently said when he first saw his band parodied in a skit he was blindsided and not amused. Think you know who was less than impressed with American humor??

If you guessed Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult and the Saturday Night Live “Cowbell Skit” you are right in one.  Now I would have thought Will Ferrell and the gang would have needed permission to use the song but if they did it didn’t come from the band.  According to an interview with Songfacts Eric said he was just watching TV at home when it came on and was less than amused. After that though it kind of took off, He said:

I certainly see the humor after it was on. It certainly has legs - it has become part of Americana at this point. Somebody brings it up to me on a regular basis” he went on to say, “I was reading a car magazine a couple of years ago, and it said, "This car, while the acceleration and the handling are pretty good, it still needs more cowbell." So, it's really crossed over to the American language. It's pretty interesting. I don't even know if Will Ferrell realizes how much it's crossed over, and he wrote it.

Let's get some cowbell now.

The skit.

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