Tonight’s mystery artist was inspired to write one of their biggest hit songs by watching a bad jazz band in an empty pub. Think you can guess the hit song or the guy who wrote it??

This story was found on Louder Sound about the rather humble beginnings of the Dire Straits song, ‘Sultans of Swing’. Story goes that Mark Knopfler had ducked into a deserted pub on a rainy evening only to be subjected to a less than talented jazz band. According to Marks the band was:

"Undeterred by the lack of both talent and punters, their lead singer finished the set with a mildly enthusiastic, “Goodnight and thank you. We are the Sultans Of Swing.”

The year was 1977 and Mark finishes the tale saying he went home and shared the experience with his brother and then he set his mind to writing a song for his new band, Dire Straits.

Here's Mark and the band with tonight's featured song.

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