Tonight’s mystery artists once belonged to a band he named after a name for a Pennsylvania bush with thorns on it. Can you guess the band or the bush??

This story comes from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette from their interview with Pittsburgh rock legend, as they hail him, Donnie Iris. Before Donnie recorded tonight’s features song he was with a band called the Jaggerz. Now you or I might assume some love of the Rolling Stone’s Mick but we’d be wrong. As Donnie explains:

Jaggerz was from the old western Pennsylvania jagger bushes, those burrs that stick to your jeans. And it kind of fit in with the whole Rolling Stones/Mick Jagger thing, too. It was originally spelled with an S and we changed it to a Z, for some reason.

The band had one hit written by Donnie called ‘The Rapper’ before he called it quits with them and turned into a solo act.

Here he is with tonight's featured song.

Turns out he still sits in with the Jaggerz once and awhile. Here is the hit he wrote for them.

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