Tonight’s mystery artist wrote one of the bands hit songs in a flash of inspiration about his feeling of being a vulnerable outsider.  Can you guess the song or writer?

It was back in the late 60’s when while out on a walk with his Doors bandmates when  Jim Morrison says the song ‘People Are Strange” came to him in a flash. John tells how he knew instantly that is was a hit.  As for the psychoanalysis that comes from AllMusic’s as reported by Wikipedia review saying:

“ The song is about alienation and being an outsider, and Jim Morrison may have addressed the song both to the hippie culture, to outsiders in general”

And it was drummer John Densmore believes that the song was the manifestation of Morrison's "vulnerability.

With tonight's featured song here's  Jim is called poet, profit and politician. They add that the Doors are loud so don't adjust you set. Funny.

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