Tonight’s mystery artists had a hit ballad but when their record company called for them to do more of them they decided to call it quits instead. Think you can guess who went out on a big ballad?

Louder’s Classic Rock page actually describes them as the band who invented the power ballad. Oddly enough they had nothing against doing ballads on one hand but on the other hand didn’t want to turn into Air Supply. So who was it? That would be Night Ranger who for all intensive purposes was killed by their own hit Sister Christian.

Night Ranger’s record label clamored for (ballads) back then. But in 1989, rather than knocking their heads against the wall the band decided to pack it in. “It was depressing to let go of something that meant so much to us,” says Gillis. “But we didn’t want to start sucking and hating each other. It was right to just say: ‘Hey, we had a good run.’

The band would get back together to perform onstage as they did here in Bangor not so long ago. According to band member Jack Blades the secret to their longevity is:

We love what we do; we love playing together. There really isn’t anything else we can do [laughs].

Here they are with tonight's featured song.

And the one that almost took'em out.


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