Tonight’s mystery artist produced an album that many critics dubbed macabre yet humorous. In one song he sings of murder and other strange actions wrapped up in a very upbeat little tune, all the while being backed up by the vocals of Linda Ronstadt.  Think you can guess the song or artist??

Admired by many of his peers for his frank writing and odd ball sense of humor Warren Zevon used his own nickname to title this tune, ‘Excitable boy’. The Observer tells how many of the songs off that 1978 album have odd characters and ideas. And Linda was not the lone guest on this album either as the magazine points out:

Consider Jackson Browne producing and playing on the record, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood appearing on “Werewolves” in peak post-Tusk cocaine delirium, and Linda Ronstadt singing back-up on the title track; this is a man who the creative community had tremendous respect for.

Here's Warren with tonight's featured song.


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