Tonight’s artist and member of what we now call an 80’s hair band says he’s proud that his band helped create a movement and he considers the designation a badge of honor.  Any idea who’s  proud of his hair spray days??

This quote came from an interview in 2015 with Metal Sludge’s Gerry Gittelson when he sat down with bass player Jerry Dixon of Warrant. In the interview Jerry talks about the rise and fall and rise again of the band Warrant,  how brutal it was to lose his friend and lead singer Jani Lane and how some might make fun of hair bands but Jerry thinks it was a lucky thing to be a musician when he was saying:

Sometimes I just sit back and trip out on it. I’m so happy to have been in that genre of music, and as time goes on, we realize it will never happen again. With Facebook and Twitter and all the outlets, and with no MTV and basically zero radio for newer bands, it’s tough. I mean, back when we started, who knew? So I’m pretty stoked to have grown up with that because at the time, no one realized that we helped to create a movement. It’s a good badge of honor.

Warrant is still out performing with lead singer Robert Mason who has been with them since 2008. According to Jerry Mason, a former friend of Jani, is a perfect fit and does all of the songs justice.

Here is the video that in MTV's heyday made them famous.

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