Tonight’s mystery artist once said that morals and truth go out the window in favor of profit when talking about the record industry.  Think you know who this jaded individual might be??

This statement was made back in 2002 to the CBC by Tom Petty.  The entire quote was:

"Everywhere we look, we want to make the most money possible. This is a dangerous, corrupt notion. That's where you see the advent of programming on the radio, and radio research, all these silly things. That has made pop music what it is today. Everything — morals, truth is all going out the window in favor of profit."

You see in his youth he had been run into bankruptcy by unfair business dealings with his record company. The set up was so egregious it caused him to eventually fight for  more equitable dealings before he would release any more albums. According to the Times in the beginning he had signed all his song rights away for $10,000.  This hardship paid off in two ways, 1 he did negotiate a better deal for himself and 2, his annoyance with the record industry prompted such hits as Refugee and tonight’s featured song ‘Don’t Do Me Like That’

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