Tonight’s mystery artist’s were considered pioneers in rock but every time someone would make the remark they'd be like…uh, Okay. Think you can guess who these pioneers might be??

This surprising reaction was found in Best Classic Bands during a conversation with Nancy Wilson of Heart.  According to Nancy they were just doing what they wanted to do.  She went on to credit her mother and father with making all that possible saying:

We also happened to have a strong mother in our lives. She was a fiercely independent, self-educated woman from a military background. Both my parents were pretty enlightened. They encouraged us to follow our bliss, as they used to put it. They gave us permission to get out there and do that, without a lot of gender specifics.

She goes on to say that in the end no matter what other people thought they were really just doing what came naturally.

Here they are with tonight's featured song.

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