Tonight’s artist recently said to an audience at one of the bands farewell tour concerts that once he is retired he is considering becoming a wedding singer.  Think you know who our funny guy might be??

I found this comment in the Mercury News; it was made earlier this month in Sacramento California by Bob Seger.  He and the band were there performing their very last show to ever be done in the golden state. I think because the thought of Bob Seger retiring is a little sad for everyone who loves his music he wanted to start the evening with a bit of levity to lighten the mood saying:

“Maybe in 2020, I’ll become a wedding singer, so, keep me in mind.”

They went on to write that Seger and his mighty Silver Bullet Band made this California show count, delivering a two-hour set filled with some of the best songs in rock history. Including one poignant moment where the lyrics from ‘Travelin’ Man’ about the “the memories that made me a wealthy soul” rung particularly true for both Seger and the audience.

Last time Bob was in Bangor was with the 'Ride Out Tour' back in November of 2014. At this point unless he adds more dates which they say is doubtful; the closest he will come to us again is shows in New York and New Jersey.

Good news is he’ll always be putting on a show right here.  And here they are with tonight’s featured song.

And the trailer we hope talks Bob out of his thinking.

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