Tonight’s mystery artist once had Married with Children star, Katey Segal, aka Peg Bundy singing back up on his solo album. Think you can guess who was giving Katey a break in the music business or the band he is best known for now??

This former time in actress Katey Sagal’s life was found on LouderSound. They tell how back in the 70’s Katey was a waitress and aspiring singer. One day while she was working who would walk into her life and restaurant but the band KISS. Turns out that Gene Simmons took a shine to her and they sort of dated. He also pulled some strings to get her band ‘The Group with No Name’ a record contract but the band never made a hit. She did go on to sing back up for many famous singers like Gene Simmons, Bob Dylan, Bette Midler and even Molly Hatchet before she was discovered and made a TV star. Other shows you may know her from include Sons of Anarchy, or Futurama where she voices Leela.

Here is the band, no Katey, with tonight’s featured song.

Here is Katey singing Ruby Tuesday from her latest series Sons of Anarchy.

Here she is as Peg.

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