When the virus finally loosens it's grip on Maine, and if I'm still standing above ground, I will never take these things for granted again.

Sitting down, in one of my favorite restaurants.

A day at work.

The cheers of a crowd at the Cross Insurance Center.

A handshake when seeing someone again.

A family gathering out to camp.

A day, completely without fret

Kids waiting for the school bus.

A routine checkup.

Sitting in a movie theater.

A fully stocked grocery store.

Talking with my neighbors.

A cruise ship sitting in Mt. Desert Narrows.

Getting a haircut.

A crowded dance floor.

Kids enjoying a Bangor playground.

A full breath of fresh air while standing on Schoodic Point.

When this is finally over, I will never take for granted again just being the person that I want to be, and being able to take part in all that life has given me.

Stay safe.  #MaineStrong

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