You may be trying to trick out your ride, but these car modifications could cost you!

If you have one or more of these things on your car you are asking to be pulled over. Most are modifications but all are controlled by the driver. Here are some things you shouldn't have on your car in Maine:

According to Maine law: Under-vehicle lighting is allowed for exhibitions and shows but cannot be turned on when driving on public roads. This means those flashy lights are only able to be used when you're in park. It should also be noted flashing lights in or on the vehicle are prohibited unless you meet certain standards.

You may be tempted to roll down the windows and crank your favorite song through some serious sub woofers, but it is illegal. 2079-A says: 'A person may not operate a sound system in a vehicle on a public way at a volume that is audible at a distance of greater than 25 feet and that exceeds 85 decibels or that is greater than is reasonable with due regard to the location of the vehicle and the effect on persons in proximity to the vehicle. It is a prima facie violation of this section if the vehicle is located near buildings and the buildings or windows in the buildings are shaken or rattled by the sound of the sound system.'  A 3rd offence for this could get you $150 in fines!

There is actually a lot to this law, you can have tint some rear windows, but not too tinted, you cannot have tinted front windows, but you can have a tint strip on the top of the windows. Get all the details on the tinted window law here.

With exception to vehicles like tractors and motorcycles all cars and trucks must display a registration plate on both the front and the back. Other states are allowed to display a personalized or no plate on the front of the vehicle and there is a currently a movement to change this rule in Maine.

Bright white headlights are very important in Maine so you can avoid critters at night. But white is the only color allowed. Pink, blue, or yellow are some of the popular headlight colors being produced now, but they are not legal in Vacationland.

It should also be noted there are some seasonal exceptions for certain things you can't have on your vehicle. For example studded snow tires are only allowed certain times of the year, and if they are not removed you could face a fine.

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