Do I even need to say how tired I am of all the things that COVID-19 has just absolutely ruined? Does the list even need to get longer? Is it fair that life is so messed up right now? While it's obvious these questions are rhetorical, it doesn't change the fact that just when you think things might calm down just a little... they don't.

Now, Maine's most beloved soft drink, Moxie, is getting harder to find. I follow a couple Moxie pages on Facebook, and had heard grumblings that it was getting a little harder to find every day. At first, I'm sure no one noticed. Then some folks saw it was being re-stocked less, causing speculation that there was trouble in paradise.

And sure enough, today on their Facebook page, Coca-Cola Northeast, the company that produces Moxie, announced that while the rumor wasn't totally true, there was a certain amount of truth to it. During this crazy time, they've shifted their production needs to satisfy their biggest needs, which is a nice way of saying their most popular sodas are still in constant production.

But that also means that our dearly, beloved Moxie has been taking a back seat to other lines. They haven't stopped manufacturing it completely, but they've slowed it down pretty significantly. I know these decisions are all money based, but some traditions just shouldn't be messed with. Amirite?!

Right now, they're saying that 20oz. bottles are still in production, but becoming quite sought after. I know my wife finds that hard to believe, as she thinks Moxie is disgusting. But that's just one of the many side bennies of Moxie. My wife never asks me for a sip, so I never have to share.

But let's just get back to crossing our fingers that the pandemic will end as quickly as it can, and life can get back to normal. And not just for Moxie's sake. But for all our sake's. We all need a break.

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