We got talking the other morning, and even though it's morning, it is Friday. So we wondered... If you were a cocktail, what would you be called, and what would be the ingredients?

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JStew: Funny, as I recall, this may've been my idea. Yet, somehow I've been kind of stumped. Maybe I'll call it the Studfinder. It's simply a 20 oz. pour of Budweiser with a rusty nail in it, and garnished with a tape measure. Or, more accurate... the Casper Milquetoast. It's simply a glass of warm milk, with a dash of whisky, garnished with a letter from your parents letting you know that they know, what a wimp you are. That sounds more accurate to my lifestyle. Hahahahaha.

Cori: I would call my cocktail the "Straight Shootin' Mama"...because that's kind of what I am. It would be one shot Vodka, one shot Gin, one shot Rum and one shot Kaluha. Throw in some chocolate covered Espresso Beans and a cherry or two, and then serve it with a heating pad and a side of aspirin. I think that would be the perfect Cori cocktail!

Your answers were quite personal, actually. Some hilarious, some serious. But well thought out. So let's check those out right now!

Nancy Neu Voiceless. I lost my voice box to cancer 22 years ago.
April Robshaw Name: Casual Caios. Ingredients: Malibu Black,  Rumchata, Viniq Wildberry schnapps, Raspberry seltzer, Over ice... Yes its good!
Bob Hatch Name: Captain Twodogs. Ingerdients: 1 shot of straight whiskey.
Rob Irwin Well since I don't drink... It would be called the wimp.... What's it made of, your choice either water or soda ( coke or pepsi).... But I would like to see a real bartender make a drink in honor of the people of Bangor, I don't know what would go in it, I also don't know it would be called.
Jen Megquier My perfect drink has already been created. Lime in the coconut margarita. What more can a girl ask for. A little tart, a little sweet and tequila.
Cheryl McManus Bitch Bomb- Captain Morgan’s Loco Nut, Creme de cocoa, ice, blend in mixer and garnish with coconut curls.
Steve: A Hydraulic Sandwich, a draft bud with an olive.
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