After Bangor Police asked for the public's help, continuing to watch for any signs of Graham Lacher, I asked his mother to share her thoughts.

I had the opportunity to chat with Graham's mother, Tammy Lacher Scully. Her voice was very quiet, in the beginning, but grew very strong as she talked about her son. It's hard to imagine what it must be like to have a loved one go missing and fall asleep every night not knowing if they're safe. Graham went missing in June, so it's been 6 months since he walked away from the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center in Bangor.

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Have you been getting a lot of sightings?

We definitely have had quite a few in the past week or two. They have been in many different areas. Old Town, Ellsworth, Brewer, Bangor. The search group DEEMI did a fairly comprehensive search in the Old Town Area. That particular sighting didn't pan out, but while they were in that area, they got other sightings. We're still very much engaged in the search. We haven't had a confirmed sighting of him since June 6th.

Tammy explained to me how important it is to cover as much ground as possible, because Graham may have traveled out of the Bangor area. The fear is that he's left the state and there's no national Silver Alert system that could inform people outside Maine about the search.

The only way we're going to find him is by someone seeing him and contacting someone. The best thing that they could do is to take a picture, even if it's from the back. A video would be helpful. Because then we can make some sort of positive ID and then that sighting can become a confirmed sighting.

This video of Graham walking from behind was posted on the Missing Graham Lacher Facebook page, to give people an idea of his gait and his demeanor. You can also hear his voice in the video.

Tammy says they're becoming less convinced that his reluctance to communicate with people is keeping him from seeking help. To survive this long, he must have obtained help from others along the way.

If someone who looks like Graham approaches you, ask him if he would like to call his mother, Tammy. Use my name. He does know my phone number. If they feel comfortable doing that. If not, just contact local police or call 911.

These pictures, included in the video, are of what Graham would look like if he altered his appearance by cutting his hair.

Missing Graham Lacher via Facebook
Missing Graham Lacher via Facebook

What are Graham's challenges?

Graham is diagnosed both autistic, which means he's not social, and with paranoid schizophrenia, so he is also afraid of people and mistrusts people. So he's not likely to reach out, and if he does, he's not likely to trust.

Why do you think he's still alive?

He's not vulnerable in a lot of the ways that maybe other people are. He's not suicidal and he's not a substance abuser. He's very concerned with his health and well-being. So it makes sense that he's trying very hard to survive. He doesn't have any enemies. And, there have been many searches in the past few months, where they're looking for a body. Hunters are often the ones who come across bodies, and that hasn't happened.

No one has to worry that they're violating his right to privacy by letting us know where he is. If someone is helping him, they are completely free of liability, by contacting me. If you're helping him, first of all - thank you. But we don't want him to go through the winter in this sort of marginal existence. We want him healthy again.

Find more information about this search effort on the Facebook page for Missing Graham Lacher. Tammy, we're keeping you and Graham in our thoughts and praying for a safe reunion.

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