Honey, there's someone at the door.

Ha!  Imagine the thrill of having a big moose meander up to your front door to have a look see inside!

That's exactly what happened in Merrimack, New Hampshire, yesterday morning at Nichole Divietro's house.  Nichole was pretty excited when this big nosy fur-ball paid a visit to the old homestead.  According to her post on You Tube, it was the first time that she had ever seen such a creature, and here it was all of a sudden knocking on the front door asking for something to eat, or maybe some relief from the mosquitoes.

The video gets REAL GOOD about 4 minutes in.

Nichole has been busy the past 24 hours or so being interviewed by all sorts of media outlets that have picked up the story via Facebook. She's even grown so fond of the moose that she's named it "Mooshy."

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