The Gulf of Maine is coming to a boil, rivers and streams are drying up, and extreme drought conditions now have a grip on the majority of the state.  Are you concerned?

News coming out today that the Gulf of Maine is now one of the fastest warming marine bodies of water on earth came as no surprise to anyone that's been keeping track of things lately - can you say "fatal great white shark attack?"

Scientists and other smart people have concluded that on August 14th of this year the average temperature in waters within the Gulf of Maine was 69.85 degrees, setting a new record since temperatures began being monitored back in 1982. Meanwhile further inland, 56% of Maine is now experiencing a "severe" drought, with a big section of Aroostook County now under "extreme" drought conditions.  Needless to say, be careful with any sort of fire this coming weekend, like outdoor fire pits, charcoal and cigarette butts.

The rains of this past August are now ancient history, things are very dry now.  Household wells are drying up and local fire departments are even having a hard time finding water to draw from in times of emergency.

Is it really global warming or just a fluke of nature?  Did we do this to ourselves or has it always been this way since the beginning of man?

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