Get ready for some hair curling weather by Tuesday.

It's back. The heat and humidity will make a return.  Beach weather for sure.  If you chose the coming week for your vacation, then you're in luck.  This will certainly be the week to be sitting beside the ocean watching the waves hit the rocks or dangling your feet off the dock at your favorite lake or pond.

We may have had a little reprieve over the past few days but Mother Nature will be steaming up here in the Bangor area early this week, making it feel more like the tropics than the great white north.

According to the National Weather Service we'll start out Monday with partly sunny skies with a chance of late day showers and thunderstorms, the high temperature will hit 85 degrees in Bangor with a heat index of 88.

The heat and humidity will increase for both Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures hitting 90 degrees and dew points up to 70.  Partly to mostly sunny both days with once again the chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms moving across the area.

Partly sunny Thursday with a high of 87, and then mostly sunny both Friday and Saturday and just a little cooler, with high temps in the lower to mid '80s.

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