The iconic Maine lighthouse is right up there with the pine tree and the lobster when people think of our state.  So, why not display on on each end of your car or truck?

Today, Governor Janet Mills signed a bunch of bills submitted by our legislators into law, and one of them was An Act to Create the Maine Lighthouse Trust Registration Plate. The lighthouse will now join the chickadee, moose, lobster, loon. and University of Maine black bear logo on license plates all over the state.

There are 65 lighthouses that dot the coastline of Maine and a lot of them of course are very historic and all with a story to be told.  From the widely known Portland Head lighthouse to the Rockland Breakwater and then all the way downeast to West Quoddy Head lighthouse in Washington County, many are open to the public during the warm summer months.  Maine even has a Maine Lighthouse Day in early September every year when special tours are given and normally closed sections of the lighthouse keeper's houses are opened for public view.

So if you're a big fan of lighthouses and would like to show the driving public that you are all the while supporting Maine's historic lighthouses, get one the next time that you register your car.

It'll cost you an extra $20 initially and then an extra $15 every year after that, but the money will not be wasted.  $10 will go towards the Maine Lighthouse Trust which will support the restoration and preservation of lighthouses across the state.  $4 will go towards the Highway Fund and $1 will go towards the Specialty License Plate Fund.

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