You know, it's funny.... There was a time, when I used to complain about seeing staples in a paper bag when I got food delivered. It was sort of beaten into my head by my grandfather, that staples were the devil, because one might end up in your food and kill you. Totally legit, I guess. I still can't really argue with his flawless logic.

But from what I was reading from WGME-TV13, those staples might not be such a bad idea after all. A study was recently conducted, and it showed that some 28% of delivery drivers have likely taken a bite of your dinner. Ever wonder why you were supposed to get four crab rangoons, and only got three? It might not be that the chef can't count.

Maybe it was just a couple fries, maybe it was your beloved egg roll, who knows? Maybe the chef really did screw up your order. Unless there's teeth marks in your dinner, you'll probably never really know. But it does put a different spin on whether or not you want it delivered, or go pick it up.

Adding to the difficulty of keeping their hands to themselves, over 50% of drivers said they were often tempted by the delicious smells coming from the food. I guess I can certainly appreciate that part. I can't how many times I've left Chipotle stuffed, only to be somehow also wooed by the smell of Texas Roadhouse. So if you're hungry and delivering food is your job....

It's hard to say where restaurants around here fall in this poll. I'd like to think I can trust my local takeout spots. But can you? A lot of places use the dreaded staples, and from now on when I see that, I'll probably feel a smidge safer about where my food came from. But next time I order some chicken wings, and the count comes up wrong, I'll probably just throw the whole thing out, and cry.