Kix put a bow on a 45-plus-year career on Sunday with their final concert at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. You can see the set list and videos below.

Vocalist Steve Whiteman previously stated that the rockers wanted to end things on a high note. "I don't want to go out sucking — I want to go out being pretty good," he explained on a recent episode of SiriusXM's Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk (via Blabbermouth). "But age takes its toll."

Kix hit their mark at their farewell show, blazing through an epic 18-song set that dug deep into their catalog and offered an impressive time capsule of career highlights. The performance touched on many of their albums, particularly their 1981 self-titled debut and 1988's platinum-certified Blow My Fuse.

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Special Moments From Kix's Farewell Show

Kix was well represented by both past and present members during their final show. Drummer Jimmy Chalfant was back in the fold this year after suffering a heart attack onstage in 2021.

Guitarist Brad Divens, who played on 1983’s Cool Kids, and longtime guitarist Ronnie Younkins, who exited the lineup in late 2020 due to personal issues, also made appearances, joining the group onstage for several songs. Both six-stringers teamed up on the closing one-two punch of "Tear Down the Walls / Walkin' Away" and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

At the end of the performance, Whiteman took the time to thank every member of Kix's behind-the-scenes team, from stage managers to merchandise sellers. He then shared his appreciation for the fans.

“You guys have been incredible," the singer told the hometown crowd. "For 45 years we’ve been doing this, and anytime we played in this area, you people came out in droves. You went crazy. We love you, you’re the best, we will miss you! Thank you all very much for all these years of rock 'n' roll, for being the best fans ever. We love you. Goodnight!”

Watch Kix Leave Stage for Final Time at Farewell Show

The Future of Kix

Although plenty of bands have retired and continued to work on new material, Whiteman said in a 2023 interview that likely won't be the case for Kix.

"Nobody was interested in any of the material I had for a new Kix record, which is why I did that solo record [2021's You're Welcome] in the first place," he explained. "But I'm ready to move on. My wife is retiring in December, and we want to go out and do things. Because for the last 20 years, she's been working all week for a school district, and then I'm gone on weekends. So, I would say a new Kix album is probably a no."

Watch Kix Play 'Atomic Bombs' at Farewell Show

Watch Kix Play 'Midnight Dynamite' at Farewell Show

Watch Kix Play 'Blow My Fuse' at Farewell Show

Kix, 9/17/23, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia
1. “Atomic Bombs” (Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
2. “The Kid” (Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
3. “Midnite Dynamite”
4. “No Ring Around Rosie”
5. "Red Hot (Black and Blue) / Body Talk / Ball Baby / Luv-A-Holic / Love at First Sight / Love Pollution" (Instrumental medley)
6. “Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT”
7. “Scarlet Fever”
8. “Don't Close Your Eyes”
9. “Girl Money
10. “Book to Hypnotize / Cool Kids / Cold Chills / Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)” (Instrumental medley)
11. “The Itch”
12. “For Shame” (Brad Divens on guitar)
13. “Mighty Mouth” (Brad Divens on guitar)
14. “Cold Shower”
15. “Cold Blood” (Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
16. “Blow My Fuse” (Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
17. “Tear Down the Walls / Walkin' Away” (Ronnie Younkins and Brad Divens on guitar)
18. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” (Ronnie Younkins and Brad Divens on guitar)

Farewell Tour Tracker

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