You can find anything on Marketplace, apparently.

I've seen a lot of odd things for sale on Facebook Marketplace over the years. Things ranging from roasted insects, to train wheels. I've also seen underwear for sale. There've been boxes of 8-track tapes. If you're patient, and check back often, you'll likely find the object of your desire at some point.

And then other times, you see listings that are hilarious, but also make you wonder just how real they are, or if there's a shred of seriousness. Such is the case with a listing I saw recently. It was unlike anything I'd seen. For instance, when's the last time you went on Marketplace and found a horse annihilator? Because you can today.

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All you'll need to do is take a short drive to East Waldoboro.

Funny surprised horse
Igor Yagnetev

I'm assuming it's some kind of boiler furnace, in reality. Not that I really know much about that sort of thing, but it's gigantic. But based on it's description, it does look like you could burn up a whole horse inside it, scary as that may sound. Then, the actual verbal description doesn't make it sound much more inviting.

Slightly used but very functional. Great conversation piece for the living room, also works as a cremation machine for your grandma when she dies. Start your own lucrative home business today!

Uuuhhhhh, what?! Again, I've seen some crazy stuff, but look at this thing!

Luke Baker via Facebook Marketplace
Luke Baker via Facebook Marketplace

I'm not judging if you want to spend $10k on this thing and do any of the aforementioned activities. Wanna cremate things for money? Why not? Someone has to. But I have to say, when cruising around Marketplace, a horse annihilator is not really on the top of the list of things I thought I'd find today. Yet... Here we are...

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