An unexpected and heartfelt discover took place in December at the Bottle Redemption Center in Lewiston, Maine.

Evan Lavoie found a small egg-shaped urn in a bag of recyclables. This precious urn is adorned with heavenly doves, and has shocked viewers with its unexpected presence.

Evan Lavoie, Supervisor of RC Redemption Center at 700 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, stumbled upon this urn in a bag of bottles.

Evan Lavoie via Facebook
Evan Lavoie via Facebook

He posted his discovery on Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page, and is desperately searching for the owner. It's been a month since he found it.

The post reads,

Still have this urn at redemption center in Lewiston off Lisbon street please if you know who it belongs to call my personal number -207-754-5974 I’ve had it here a month now without any response, I will not open it that’s very disrespectful.

It's likely that this urn accidentally ended up in a bag of bottles, and someone in or around Lewiston/Auburn is missing it and in need of a reunion.

I believe this may either be a baby urn or possibly a smaller urn used for sharing the ashes of loved ones.

Let's come together and do what we do best by spreading the word throughout Maine online. Let's try to ensure that this urn finds its way back home to its owner.

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