As you can see in the title, we are all in for a real treat.

According to a 2022 article from the Bangor Daily News, this worm is, "invading" Maine. I looked at the photo of this worm and immediately squirmed. I squirmed by the sight of the worm.

Now this is bad. According to the article, here is why this worm called the Hammerhead Worm, that has invaded our state and this is not okay.

Are they still around?

If they are, these worms are going to make it hard for gardeners, because they enjoy eating earthworms. To me, that's a little "cannibalistic". Shall we go on? Okay.

The article states,

 What it does have is a single opening on its head that serves as both its mouth and its anus.

I think I read that correctly, what about you? Their butt is their mouth, and their mouth is their butt. I feel like the saying, "Don't eat where you poop" was written without any thoughts for these little guys. Because they eat where they poop.

The article also says,

The hammerhead worm has no known predators.


This is not giving me the warm and fuzzies at all. Instead, I am getting the sticky-ickys.

However, I also feel like this worm is a bit of a magical vampire. Here's why: they clone themselves. According to the article, 

The truly amazing trait of hammerhead worms is that they are basically immortal. Like other flatworms, they reproduce asexually by what is known as “fragmentation.” For example, they leave the tip of their tail stuck to something, and it will develop on its own into a new worm.

I mean, come on. Wouldn't it be so cool if we could leave a body part to something when we die and then another YOU would regenerate? Epic.

If you want more information on this disgusting magical vampire hammerhead word, check out this YouTube Video put out by Inside Edition.

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