Remember last year when the SUV from away got stranded between Bar Harbor and Bar Island on the bar?  No. How about when a car did the same thing? The story is, during low tide, driver drives where they shouldn't. Leaves the vehicle and the tide comes in. Oops.

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Not a big deal if you don't remember, even though the story did go viral on social media.  Here's a link and another link to brush up if you need to, and how much trouble it was to rescue the vehicle.

Emilie Jagot
Emilie Jagot

And coming up the reason the story has come up again over a year later.
Good chance you might not know about a nonprofit organization that is known as Cartoonists Rights Network International.  They exist to defend free speech amongst cartoonists, and also to be of help to those cartoonists who get into trouble with their cartoons when it comes to free speech. More about the non-profit here

Back to the two cars on the bar stories from last spring.

That event has now been 'drawn' by twelve different cartoonists from all over the U.S., and their artwork will be on display for a fundraising event at Choco-Latte on Maine Street in Bar Harbor.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their cartoons about the embarrassing events for those non-locals from last year will be on display for the entire month of June.
Then all the cartoons will be on sale and the proceeds go to the non-profit organization, Cartoonists Rights Network International.
To kick off the event there will be an artist's reception held at Choco-Latte on Saturday the 27th at 8 p.m.

When in life we are handed a lemon, make lemonade.

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