A Reddit user recently took to the r/Maine subreddit to express their exasperation over the limited availability of affordable housing in the state. The user, who is planning to move from Texas to Portland, shared their concerns and sought advice from fellow Redditors.

In their post, u/dreddflicker explained their predicament, stating, "I'm moving from Texas to Portland Maine in a few weeks for school and I'm beginning to panic because I have no place to stay." They expressed their reluctance to spend money on temporary accommodations like Airbnb and their frustration with the lack of response from apartment listings they had found online. "I have never had difficulty finding apartments before it's so worrying and sad. Sorry for the rant but please can anyone direct me on what to do? Would it be possible to find an apartment for $800- $1200 in areas surrounding Portland?" Furthermore, they mentioned the scarcity of studio and one-bedroom apartments, which were not only hard to find but also quite expensive.

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The post garnered attention and resonated with others who faced similar challenges. Maine Redditors flooded the comments section with empathy and advice, shedding light on the housing crisis in the area.

One user, u/Live_Badger7941, acknowledged the housing shortage and the need for creative solutions. They noted, "Honestly, if your school doesn't have dorms, you're probably going to have to find a roommate even if you have legitimate reasons for not wanting one, and you're likely still going to have to live farther from school than you'd like. If you haven't heard, there's a major housing shortage here. That's just reality right now."

Another user, u/RatKing20786, suggested expanding the search to areas further from Portland or considering the possibility of finding a roommate. They explained, "You moved to Vacationland, where a staggering number of rental properties have been turned into short-term rentals for tourists in the past decade. What little remains is going to be expensive because of the demand." They also advised reaching out to the school for potential housing options, as many educational institutions have collaborations with rental companies to assist students.

Adding to the conversation, u/bugdude666 sympathized with the struggles faced by u/dreddflicker and shared personal anecdotes about the challenging housing market. They expressed, "Sorry bub. It is indeed very frustrating. You are never going to find a studio or one-bedroom in or near for $800 these days. $1200 is a pretty good price for a Portland studio according to my friends who live there, but those listings are few and far between and go very quickly." They emphasized that finding a roommate might be the only feasible option, despite the reservations one might have.

The comments from fellow Pine Tree Staters echoed the same sentiment: the housing shortage in Maine, particularly in the greater Portland area, has made it extremely difficult to find affordable housing options, especially for those on a limited budget. The scarcity of available properties and the high demand have created a challenging situation for both long-term residents and newcomers alike.

While the frustration expressed by u/dreddflicker is understandable, it's evident from the comments that they are not alone in their struggle.

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