Is there anywhere in Maine that you wouldn't go to because it is too “touristy” (Yes, it is a word, I checked)

When the question was posed on social media, it got me to thinking about how much I love Bar Harbor, and Old Orchard Beach, but maybe I don’t enjoy both of those spots as much as I should, because each time I go, there seems to be a ton of traffic and out of state visitors.

Here in Bangor, the Paul Bunyan statue, and Stephen King’s house on West Broadway, certainly come to mind.

Turns out that I am not alone in those thoughts, and on Reddit, many people weighed in with their thoughts on the subject.

We would love to hear what you have to say on this topic too!

  • "The Taste of Maine Rest'rant, Route 1 Woolwich, just north of Bath, ayuh." It's probably the archetype. I'll be happy to give the new owners a chance if it gets sold.
  • "DiMillo's, Portland. The food is probably better than mediocre, and it's one of the few if not only places in Portland that serve Lazy Man's Lobster, but IMHO you're still way overpaying for the atmosphere. If I meet a tourist who seems decent I steer them towards the Lobster Shack, which brings its own bitter thrill of imagining them driving down the tiny winding road to get there."
  • "Red's Eats. A literal trap for tourists, because they'll be stuck in line for hours just for some massively overpriced lobster in hotdog buns."
  • "It’s comedic to see the line when there are perfectly good and likely better lobster rolls just across the street on the water. We were at Portland Lobster Company this Summer (which is itself a bit of a tourist trap but we like it) and overheard a guy telling his family that Red’s lobster rolls are “so much better.” Hilarious.
  • "I’m a firm believer that Wiscasset as a whole is a tourist trap."
  • "McSeagull's and Kaler's in Boothbay Harbor."
  • "pretty much anything in boothbay harbor....."
  • "Boothbay harbor was the one town in all of Maine that I visited where I realized it was literally no place for the public to do anything for free along the waterside. Every Single parcel of that peninsula is bought and sold and private and you have to pay if you want to be there. Also they like to pull over anybody with out-of-state plates who they think is a drunk driver. Hell even in state plates if they don't know your car they'll pull you over. I hate that town."
  • "Schooner Landing in Damariscotta. Over priced, sub par, and the rudest staff and don’t give a shit attitude from management. Ditto on Reds in Wiscasset."
  • "I meet so many people who visit Maine and go to OOB for their beach experience 😑 I want the state to give them a refund"
  • "Linda Bean‘s Maine Kitchen. Her politics are antithetical to everything her restaurant “celebrates.” What an legacy to waste."
  • "Moody’s Diner"
  • "The original Pat’s Pizza is actually my favorite pizza place ever! I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a high brow foodie, I just don’t think Moody’s is as good as the hype makes it seem. Dysart's definitely slaps."
  • "The desert of Maine should really be a case study in marketing textbooks."
  • "Bar harbor, especially side street café"
  • "Bar Harbor- filled with t-shirt shops and overpriced restaurants."
  • "Holy Donut"
  • "For me it’s Bucks Naked BBQ in Freeport."
  • "The town of Camden, Bar Harbor, anything south of Portland."
  • "Any place on the coast with "lobster pound" in it's name."
  • "I love the Anglers in Searsport. Newport is good. The Hampden one is meh."
  • "Big Rick's Burgers & Wings - Madawaska. Always filled with down state tourists."
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