Sleep apnea has got to be the worst.

Somehow, I don't suffer from it. I assumed I did for quite a while, because I sleep like absolute trash most of the time. But a couple of doctors have assured me that's not the issue. Although, at least I know I'm not sleeping. I know people with sleep apnea who seemingly sleep fine in their own mind, just to find out they're not.

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Other people with sleep apnea know they're not getting enough sleep, and over time may become so exhausted, it affects almost every part of their normal, everyday life. Just imagine feeling overtired all the time, with no end in sight, and nothing will fix it, except a big, giant mask that makes you look like Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road.

What is sleep apnea?

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It's a sleep disorder where your breathing just kind of starts and stops. And there can be long pauses when it stops, for some people. and while there are a few types, it's the long term lack of proper sleep that concerns doctors quite a bit. It can lead to any number of other complications.

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Because of the intense fatigue, it could deeply affect a person's response time when driving. Or worse, someone could just straight-up fall asleep. Obviously, that creates a pretty serious situation on the roads, having someone out there who potentially can't stay awake while driving.

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Can you lose your driver's license?

You sure can. It would likely be at the suggestion of your doctor, but the state will step in and formally suspend your license. There is a process where you can be re-evaluated after treatment. Passing that, you could have your license reinstated. But there are situations where a person could lose it indefinitely, according to the state.

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No one ever wants to have their right to drive taken away. But could you live with yourself if the worst happened while you were driving and someone was hurt, and it was your fault? Or, possibly losing your own life? Your family would be devastated. But if the question is, can you lose it? Absolutely.

By the way, just in case Maine is starting to bum you out financially...

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