With prices so high, where are the best bang-for-your-buck restaurants?

It's a great question, and we all have our little secret hideaway. Mine might not always be the cheapest, but I don't necessarily think that's what bang-for-your-buck means. Of course, it means getting a great deal on a great meal, but so much more goes into dining out.

There's atmosphere. It's hard to beat some of the diners in Maine for that. And when you know what you are doing in the kitchen, it's gonna make the list like Miss Brunswick Diner.

Yelp Aloysius R
Yelp Aloysius R

They've got the value, atmosphere, and the food down. It's hard to get a good deal these days. EVERYTHING is so expensive. I know you've experienced that while eating out. So, here are 25 of the best valued places taking everything into consideration. Do you have a secret place that you know you can always rely on? Don't keep it all to yourself, share! My appetite alone could keep most of these in business for a good decade.

25 Best Bang for Your Buck Restaurants in Maine

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