Sure, it has its growing pains, but there's no denying that Maine is truly a very magical place. So magical, in fact, that some people don't believe it exists. But we're here to tell you: Maine is very real.

Maine Is Naturally Beautiful

There's no lack of beautiful places to visit in Maine. But there are some unique places that strike a different note. Yes, the beaches are magnificent. The vistas are breathtaking. But there are special places—some well-known, some not—that make you feel like you've stepped into another world.

Snug Harbor Farm
Snug Harbor Farm

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I guess maybe that explains the whole "Maine doesn't exist" thing.

Living in Maine grants us the privilege of experiencing its unique charm, so we've decided to compile a list of truly magical places right here in our own backyard. Now, we understand the sentiment of "Don't give away the secrets!" but rest assured, that's not the aim here.

No Secret Map Needed

We're on a mission to highlight some places that you might not immediately think of as magical, and perhaps some that you've never even heard of before.

Saco Heath Preserve
Saco Heath Preserve (Seven Generations Video via YouTube)

There's nothing here truly off the beaten path. Nothing where you need a secret map, a compass and a hefty feeling for adventure. We are talking things like a garden nursery, a couple of houses—even a candy shop. And most importantly, we've only just begun. As Maine keeps changing, so will this list.

Welcome to magical Maine.

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