Ever since I got my driver's license in 19-something-something, I have always backed up when parking the car. I backed into our garage as a teenager. I back into my driveway today as an adult. I even back into parking spaces whenever I can.

Why do I do this? I was just doing what my Dad always did when parking. Like father like son, I guess. I think I'm in the minority though, because it's rare that I see cars in a parking lot that backed into the space.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons
Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

Well, according to AAA, there's some good reasoning behind backing into a space when you park your car.

They say that 76% of U.S. drivers most frequently park their vehicle by pulling forward into a parking spot rather than backing in, and that is a riskier practice that leaves pedestrians more vulnerable when a driver later reverses from the spot and into the traffic lane. Pulling out of a parking spot, instead of reversing, is an easy way to increase safety and visibility.

Backing into a parking spot has become a lot easier since the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started to require all automobiles sold in the U.S. to have backup cameras as of May 2018. Those cameras do make it a lot easier to see that you're between the lines when you back in. Getting out is even easier.

There are Maine drivers that I have seen that do this the easy way when they park. The good 'ole pull-through maneuver produces the same effect if the space in front of you is open, but that has its dangers too. If another person is pulling in on the other side and doesn't see you pulling through, you could be in for a fender bender.

Give it a try next time you go the the grocery store. Back into that space!

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