There are so many changes happening in 2024, including an update to the endangered species list in Maine. As most of us New Englander's may know, wild life in our state is HUGE. We enjoy watching it, hunting it, and photographing it.  You never really sit back to think if any of those animals/species are becoming endangered until you see a headline like this pop up, right?

Here's a look at some species that have already been deemed endangered:

Well, according to News Center Maine, eight species have recently been added to the endangered and threatened list since October 2023, due to drastic climate change. Here's what they've said:

“Maine is known for its abundance of wildlife, but some species of wildlife are in danger of disappearing from Maine’s landscape,” Commissioner Judy Camuso of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife said. “The addition of these species to the state’s endangered and threatened list will provide additional protections which will aid in their recovery.”


Which species are now endangered in Maine? reports that five birds, one bat, one bee, and a beetle have been added to the list. Two of the species, the saltmarsh sparrow and Ashton’s cuckoo bumblebee are listed as “endangered,” and the other six as “threatened,” according to their news release.

What deems a species as endangered?

As defines it,

"Endangered species can be defined as those species which are under risk or threat of being extinct. In other words, species which are about to extinct. Many factors are responsible for this which may be natural or man-made. Endangered species, sooner or later enter the extinction phase".


Check out all the rules and regulations by of endangered species.

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